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What Happens At Girl’s Night Out…

983814_867797489899395_5290300558811181875_nWe had an anthology contract.  We formed a plan.  The plan was to have FUN while promoting our forthcoming anthology.

So here’s what we dreamed up:  GIRL’S NIGHT OUT.

Women only.  With spiked pink lemonade & nibbles.  And chocolate. In a really swank lingerie shop.

And now it’s actually happening! Our dream is coming true.  In between the partying and trying on lingerie, we planned some evening events — because you know, we want this event to be *cough* educational.

Hi Mr. Bunny.  What do you do? Oh, you go in the bathtub. Okaaaaaay.

Hi Mr. Bunny. What do you do?

7:30pm Who is LadySmut & Why the Party?  We’re talking about Lady Smut–the blog, and THE LADY SMUT BOOK OF DARK DESIRES–our anthology, as well as our stories in the anthology.  (My story is called Sexsomnia.) Then we give out lots of romance novels.  Rating: PG-13.

8:00pm & 8:30pm Food Play Fun & How To Have Sex With the Internet.  Liz Everly is going to talk about food play — complete with Do & Don’t list.  Later, we get the skinny from Alexa Day on all the interesting stuff on the internet, all the scary stuff, and everything in between.  All You Wanted To Know But Shuddered To Ask About Timber.  Post Sex Selfies. Then we give out bags of erotic romance novels, erotica, & flavored condoms.  Rated R.

Is that a computer mouse? Um, nooooooo...

Is that a computer mouse? Um, nooooooo…

9pm – 10pm  Hold onto your knickers, Nelly. All I’m saying is that Derriere de Soie sells more than just lingerie *and* the door prizes at this point in the evening don’t look like what they really are.  If you know what I mean. And I think you do. ; >   Rated R — very R.

Sound like fun? Oh, you betcha! Thanks again to Derriere de Soie for hosting our Girl’s Night Out party and to Sven for making the party happen.  We love you folks!

If you live in Charlottesville, VA, love romance, are female (or close enough) and want to come to our party — find me on fb for an invite: https://www.facebook.com/madeline.iva

If you DON’T live anywhere near Charlottesville, not to fret: you can treat yourself to some sexy, flattering lingerie at Derriere de Soie’s awesome website.  Check it out, my lovelies!


A Sexy, Shivery Delight!

Sleep 1(This is me chanting like a school girl) I wrote a no-vel-la! It’s get-ting pub-lished! It’s called Sex-som-ni-a.  It’s really awe-some! (Academy award speech) I’d like to thank my fellow Lady Smut.com gals for banding together with me to make this great anthology THE LADY SMUT BOOK OF DARK DESIRES.  Liz Everly, Elizabeth Shore, and C. Margery Kempe, I couldn’t have done this without you all.  Smootchies! And if you want to pre-order this shivery, sexy, paranormal delight at B&N, you can! Right HERE. But if you prefer Amazon, they can notifiy you when it’s available HERE. It’s coming out November 6th.  I’ll post a cover and news as I get it from our AWESOME publisher, Harper Impulse.Impulse

From Lolita to Brolita: Getting Your Girly Kink On with Otaku

Madeline Iva:

Want to know what a Goth Lolita is? How about a brolita? This blog post explains it all to you. Well….sort of!  And if you like that here’s some more photos and explanations on my Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/madelineiva/lolita-brolita-git-yer-girly-kink-on/

Originally posted on Lady Smut:

Big Book of Submission

Click on photo to buy.

by Madeline Iva

It’s our week of Kink at LadySmut.com.  This theme week was brought to you by the letter K.

No, just kidding.  We’re celebrating the release of THE BIG BOOK OF SUBMISSION (Our very own C. Margery Kempe has a short story included in the anthology.)

But first, a word about Kink & LadySmut.com.  We walk a fine line with sexy here at the blog.  When considering kink with a capital “K” some LadySmut bloggers get rather flustered.  Would I ever??? they say and gulp. (Unless you’re Alexa. She’s sitting at the bar saying Bring it.)

Me, I don’t have this kind of problem.  Would I ever? Not no, but hell no.

Experiment with a kinky life style? No. Er. Well, depends on what you mean by kinky?

With people besides my DH? No.

Doing things that involve an investment of significant money, time…

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Unconventional Love at Fall For the Book


I’m going to be talking about Unconventional Love at a Fall For the Book panel on Sunday, September 14th.  I hope you take a look — it’s free and it’s going to be mondo interesting.

UnconventionalWe’ll discuss romances that were once far more unconventional than they are now — like interracial romance, as well as m/m, f/f, and all sorts of variations therein.

These romances are being folded into the mainstream — but we’ll also look at how some communities WANT to remain unconventional when it comes to their kind of sex thang.

And that’s cool, too! Personally, I love how the romance world is often a big gob of acceptance.

Meanwhile, I leave you with Tom Waits, dreaming about Tony and Maria from West Side Story finding “a place for us.”  The original is below –

We’ve Got the Love…From Our New Publisher!

ImpulseHello Kittehs –

I know I spilled the beans a while back, but Harper Impulse just announced they’ve acquired our blog anthology LADY SMUT’S BOOK OF DARK DESIRES.

What’s that you say? You haven’t followed Lady Smut yet? Quelle horreurGet thee to Lady Smut right now, hit the follow button, and you can say you knew us when.

Here’s the classy-snazzy Harper Impulse website blog announcement: http://www.harperimpulseromance.com/acquisition-announcement-meet-the-lady-smut-team/

Charlotte Ledger

I think Charlotte said she took this selfie in the loo. Because *that’s* how cool an editor she is.

Woot! Can’t wait to see the cover.  Which, my ever lovin’ people, I will share with you the minute I get my hands on it.

We already quite like our new editor Charlotte Ledger.

So stay tuned for more Lady Smut adventures.  I can’t wait to hear what people think of “Sexsomnia” the novella I wrote that’s included in the anthology.  It was incredibly fun to research.  Hee-hee!


I heart Harper Impulse

They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

Madeline Iva:

Have you tried the wonderful world of hot interracial romance?

Originally posted on Lady Smut:

FergusonBy Madeline Iva

Folks, there’s been a lot of really unhappy news coming from Fergusson, Missouri lately. I hope you find the ugliness as disturbing as I do.  So in an effort to ‘give peace a chance’, I’m sharing (with her permission) this email exchange that I had with Alexa Day about two weeks back.



>>> I’m noticing an increase in the stats on my interracial posts. I’d like to keep that momentum up, if possible, and not just because I’m on a countdown to my own release date. Is there anything you want to hear about interracial romances, anything at all, that I haven’t already written about? Feel free to put this question to the crew.


>Okay.  Well, for starters, I’m interested in the difference between interracial romances between black woman & white men and black men & white women.  And hot suggestions for both.


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