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I Love a Cheap Adrenaline Rush

Hey readers!

Honey, I swear I'm working. Watching Gossip Girl is research.  Seriously.

Honey, I swear I’m working. Watching Gossip Girl is research. Seriously.

I love the cheap thrill of having a deadline, don’t you?  They don’t even have the world ‘deadline’ in German.  All they have is ‘due date’.  Boring.  Yawn.

‘Deadline’ is a much better word if only because it references death and desperation.  A finishing point of do or die.  A victory — or the agony of defeat and the sweaty tension of going into overtime.

Be glad your not married to a writer. I sat around a lot this week (mostly in my pj’s) looking like I was doing absolutely nothing three-fourths of the time, and then in between massive bouts of watching Gossip Girl re-runs making a tiny adjustment here or there to a scene. Finally on Friday I began working like a demon.

It’s like watching a billiards match where the players make tiny adjustments over the course of a few hours and just when you’ve settled into a nice deep coma, someone runs the table and the game is over. Drives my husband nuts.

Hope you all had a fabulous easter and are out at some point today getting your daffodil fix. I’m inside today from now until whenever racing to the finish line.

Fun, Sexy Fun — Nice to Meet Ya!

healingHello — are you perhaps a first-time visitor to my website? Welcome, you. :)

While I’m out this week feeling the rapture of #VALoveFest with a gorgeous pack of romance authors, I thought I’d put out some blog links below–it’s the website equivalent of leaving out snacks for guests.  So kick back and enjoy. If you love them, you might just *ahem* like to check out my latest novella SEXSOMNIA.  You know, just a suggestion. ; >


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They’re Hot, They’re Naked, They’re Two Different Colors

Katy Perry Fist Pump

Madeline Iva:

Who’s your Dark Horse?

Originally posted on Lady Smut:

Katy Perryby Madeline Iva

We’ve been having a Katy Perry moment at our house.  We’ve watch her video “Dark Horse” I don’t know how many times a day.  Should I be embarrassed by this? I don’t think so.

I’m trying to think back to when I became aware of Katy Perry.  I know I saw her in magazines first and because for a long time I thought of her as ‘that woman who wears the colorful wigs’.  I know that I was aware of the song “I Kissed a Girl” at some point in my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware that it was a Katy Perry song.  So that wasn’t it.

I think it had to be when I started hearing a lot of her songs on “The Voice”.  I’m such a Voice-whore, people.  You have no idea.  Show me a TV moment where someone who’s working…

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Horrifically, Perversely Romantic: Madeira Darling After Party

madeiraHello my sweet kittens! I’m snuggling up next to the space heater on another snowy day after posting a blog on LadySmut.com about Madeira Darling. I am still pondering the rapture of our mutual interests.  This is like an after-party to my post, because I am just so frickin inspired.  I want to celebrate a gothic erotic revival going on — if only in my own brain.

I got to ask Madeira, a professional dominatrix who’s interested in writing erotic romance/erotica, about her own sexual fantasies.  What a private a topic to share – but share she did and I was just fascinated with what she had to say.

She knows what she likes.  I like it that she knows what she likes.

I like a lot of what she likes myself–especially in terms of gothic tone, hot androgynous men, cross-dressing men and all over pluviophile joys.  I want to write a hot gothic horror romance just for her.

Boy? Girl? Glam.

Boy? Girl? Glam.

I get angsty now and then about my own writing because it’s a bit off the beaten track, but Madeira is all about reveling in what you like and licking your fingers clean when it’s done.

She mentioned Poppy Z. Brite & I *LOVE* Poppy Z. Brite.  There’s just so much perverse goodness out there, people.  I want to knicker and scream for joy sometimes at all this good stuff.  And it’s not just in novels — or would-be novels either.  I think that TV is a part of this gothic erotic revival as well.

I wonder if Madeira likes AMERICAN HORROR STORY? AHS is a new obsession of mine, though as always, I’m way late to the party on this one.  In general I am more of a fan of creepy sexy suspense than I am a fan of true horror. I’ll admit to fast forwarding through great swaths of AHS the first season as well as season three: Coven.

With the first season, for me it was all about the young love story.  I liked the he’s-not-a-bad-boy-he’s-just-misunderstood story line in season one.

Evan you heartbreaker.

Evan you heartbreaker.

Whups! Turns out he really *is* a bad boy, but we know exactly why and how he got turned along the way, and at the end he is as redeemed as he can be given his situation.

With Season Three, Coven,I like the way that they bring back the same actors in different seasons–making it a theatre ensemble.  That is so cool.  Season three is my favorite if only because it’s all about girl power/women’s power and that really turns me on when you make it witchy and wonderful.  Jessica-Lange-Emma-Roberts-Jamie-Brewer-Taissa-FarmigaGabourey-Sidibe-American-Horror-Story-CovenI think it was a little less squicky overall–perhaps because they knew that they’d have a younger teen audience tuning in?  Again, the romance story hooked me hard. There’s something just so good about the sweetest romance ever that falls like an egg off the counter, and there it is, cracked, the sweetness leaking out all over the ground, marred and un-fixable.  It’s the best thing EVAH!

Then there’s Bates Motel.  Another wonderful mash-up of tension, suspense, sex, and shame–with a glittery sprinkling of innocent curiosity over the whole.  Yum! I could eat it up with a spoon.

Love your mother, Norman, just don't *love* your mother.

Love your mother, Norman, just don’t *love* your mother.

What brings you perverse fragrant joy in this spam-in-a-can society?  Share with me your fav cult books that celebrate young love gone splat in a world gone dark.  Bonus points for romance titles. Here are a few culty-favs of mine below.  Warning: this is difficult reading hour presented to you — none of these are glossy romance titles.  These are cult-hugs sent to you like a late valentine on a blizzard-y winter day.  Mmmmmwhaa!

xo, Madeline

The Secret History — mystery novel about why a group of beautiful friends kill their buddy

Boarderliners — young Danish love in a wicked prep school

Jamestown — post-apocalyptic romance between Pocahontas & Capt. Smith

NP — Japanese incest wrapped up in a minimalist ghost story





Sunday, Bloody, Sunday: Our Paranormal Tea Party

bloodthirsty teaOur LadySmut Paranormal Tea Party on FB last Sunday was fuuuuuuuuuuun!

Joey W. Hill and Kate Douglas were our special guests. It was a part of #Romance15, the online romance festival put out by our publisher, Harper Collins UK.  I know what you’re thinking — yes, we enjoyed our frivolous little online gathering, but what exactly did we learn from the experience?

Welp.  Joey Hill is awesomely nice – and I learned that she has a LOT of other paranormal out there that’s not just vampires. (Witches and mermaidsoh my!) I am going to read up and report back to you on that.

I learned that there is no fan like fans of werewolves/shifters.  In honor of Kate Douglas I asked fans to post their fav wolf references and kicked things off with Duran, Duran’s HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF.

If that doesn’t bring back the mid-80’s to you, nothing will!

Fan responded back with Florence and the Machine’s HOWL:

Love that wolf thang!

The Paranormal tea party was also a opportunity to post photos of bloody tea cups and women wearing adorable little tea cup hats. (Thank you Liz Everly!)

#Romance15 -- online festival held by those wacky brits at HarperCollins UK

#Romance15 — online festival held by those wacky brits at HarperCollins UK

Speaking of Joey Hill – if you don’t know about her (and how could you not? But maybe you’ve been living on mars–I dunno) We got to chat with her about her dominant vampire queen who gets together with a submissive hero.  How did she get away with it?  I mean, let’s face it, most authors couldn’t, because most romance readers like their men very dominant.  But this is a no less intense romance series.  Joey indicated that what does it for readers is the point where her human servants are bound to their vampire mistresses/masters for good.  And they want that.  They’re ‘all in’.   It’s a kind of “I promise to live for nothing and no one but you” perverse romantic ideal.  A romance hero who’s ‘all in’ definitely sends out alpha vibes.

Kate Douglas, meanwhile, is kicking off a whole new series for St. Martin’s Press. This time her series is with werewolves as opposed to her wolf shifter romances.  So in her posts she was asking us how we like our werewolves. Bitten, cursed, or born that way?

We were all over the map.  One thing we agreed upon is that we love broody heroes – but don’t like them too angsty.  Tread carefully with that cursed thing, Kate.  One reader said “bitten – I love biting.” Yes, dear reader! Yes to biting. (Unless you’re in first grade and some horrid little boy is biting you.)

I'm more a vampire romance reader m'self.

I’m more a vampire romance reader m’self.

Of course, our tea party wouldn’t be complete without weighing in on the big question of the universe.  Why do some women like vampires while others only like werewolves?

The difference seems about controlled power vs. primal release.  Joey W. Hill is into the controlled power.  Although her vampire queen may be fragile and like a twisted china doll in some respects, she is still definitely in control.  Joey also goes to the BDSM side of life–this too is all about having control. Kate Douglas on the other hand likes the primal thing – a different kind of “all in”. Uninhibited, in the moment, raw.

Let me pause a moment to say that when you describe it that way, I clack my teeth with happy desire. I admit I lean more to the vampire side in general.  But I don’t know, I also like my people au natural and the wolfie side of romance seems to uphold a no fuss, no muss approach to life.

I hope the next time we party you join with us.  Meanwhile, I’m giving out a copy of our anthology to anyone who answers the eternal question in the comment section below: vampires or wolves?

Vampires or wolves? Either way...bite me.

Vampires or wolves? Either way…bite me.







It’s All Part of My Rock N Roll Fantasy

Madeline Iva:

Is this the latest trend in smexy romance?

Originally posted on Lady Smut:

By Madeline Iva


Why read rock-n-roll romances? Because of the hero of course! There are so many fantabulous rock star traits that make for a perfect romance hero. Let me count the ways…

1) ROCKERS LIKE DIRTY SEX — as in ‘no holds barred sex’.  As in other-people-are-watching-and-you-don’t-even-care sex.  Rockers have a reputation for no-rules mayhem when it comes to nookie.  This is what fans of rock-n-roll romances crave.  Shari Slade and Amber Lin deliver that kind of finger lickin’ fun in THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR and ONE KISS WITH A ROCK STAR.

Kiss Click on photo to buy!

While the girl who’s ‘with the band’ might be up for anything, romance lovers still want a modicum of rules–a veneer of consent to the orgy of sensation about to begin.  Robin Covington sets out the rules in an informal way in her latest PLAYING WITH THE DRUMMER…

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