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It’s All Part of My Rock N Roll Fantasy

Madeline Iva:

Is this the latest trend in smexy romance?

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By Madeline Iva


Why read rock-n-roll romances? Because of the hero of course! There are so many fantabulous rock star traits that make for a perfect romance hero. Let me count the ways…

1) ROCKERS LIKE DIRTY SEX — as in ‘no holds barred sex’.  As in other-people-are-watching-and-you-don’t-even-care sex.  Rockers have a reputation for no-rules mayhem when it comes to nookie.  This is what fans of rock-n-roll romances crave.  Shari Slade and Amber Lin deliver that kind of finger lickin’ fun in THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR and ONE KISS WITH A ROCK STAR.

While the girl who’s ‘with the band’ might be up for anything, romance lovers still want a modicum of rules–a veneer of consent to the orgy of sensation about to begin.  Robin Covington sets out the rules in an informal way in her latest PLAYING WITH THE DRUMMER.  Her hero/heroine frenemies agree: seven…

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Tormented & Tortured: Books You Can’t Forget

Madeline Iva:

You know that sick, messed-up book you read that you wished you hadn’t, but now you can’t forget? We talk about how that stuff gets stuck in your brain.

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By Madeline Iva

Picture me drinking cocktails, lit neon red, crunching on spicy fried green beans &coconut rice (heavenly!) celebrating the anthology launch with two romance buddies. (Haven’t heard about our Lady Smut anthology– where have you been? Check it out HERE.) The talk turns to erotic romance books that were AWFUL–by which it turns out that my friends mean books that are no-holds-barred Dark Erotica. No offense dark erotica folk, you know I love you, kiss-kiss.

By which we usually mean books that are/and/or display misogynistic stuff, full of no-no sex or themes that most erotic rom. publishers won’t touch–but at the same time, we can’t forget. Books that aren’t PC. Books that make the feminist inside you wring her hands, BUT YOU CAN’T FORGET.   Why? Why?????

What are they doing so right that makes shaking them off so hard?

For your pleasure, I’ve decided to interrogate these ladies…

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What Men Like: BBW

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A follow up to my ever-popular UBER CURVY WOMEN blog! And check out the new BBW Pinterest page here: https://www.pinterest.com/madelineiva/bbw/

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By Madeline Iva

It’s theme week! We’re talking about what men like.  So far, over the last two years writing for this blog, I’ve learned that:

1) Men like women who are friendly, confident and open to being approached.

2) Men like to pursue women.  Sometimes to their detriment–if they try too hard or look needy.

3) Men like women who are 18 – 21 in person, but they fantasize about MILFS all the time.

4) Men like women for their (fill in the blank here) a) boobs b) ass c) pretty face

That’s all you really need to know.  As DH says, “it’s not rocket science.” ; > A lot of men are wired to respond this way.  They see what they see and their reptilian brain goes bing! and then they are off to the races.

BBW1The other thing I’ve learned in researching posts for this blog is that…

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Hungry Like the Wolf: Sexy Paranormal Rec’s

Madeline Iva:

Feeling the need for some puppy love? Here are some hot, hot, hot werewolf/shifter recommendations. Check it out!

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By Madeline Iva

Don’t you love talking with other readers about paranormal romance? I do. It’s like raw honey. Part of it’s goodness is that it’s straight from the source. This one reader-friend I met at the Washington Loves Romance Reader’s Luncheon gave me the nitty gritty on shifter romances.

You see, I drift towards vampires–and I don’t think we give enough love to the wolf here on LadySmut, so this post is an attempt to help rectify that. (Let us not forget Kiersten Hallie Krum’s excellent pro-wolf post HERE.) So if you’ve been looking for some great paranormal romance, here’s what my favorite reader-friend ‘Donna’ recommends–both her recent reads and some past recommendations.

“Looking back at my reading the past few months I’m surprised that more of the paranormal reads aren’t shifters which will help make this a little easier to come up with just a few.


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Alas, my sexual dysfunction is out-of-date.

Alas, my sexual dysfunction is out-of-date.

In which we attempt to entertain our dear readers on a drear day:

Hope you all has a wonderful Xmas.  I’m left feeling spoiled, yet broke.  Can any of you relate?

If you’re also at home trying to keep your credit card out of harm’s way, here’s a spot of cheap entertainment:


It’s over at Deanna Raybourn’s blog.  She’s such a doll–and if you haven’t checked out her Lady Julia Grey series you’re missing out!massage

Pinterest Presents Under the Tree

de40f6e5faf4bb4db66ea1f451820818Hello Kittens,

Are your stockings hung on the chimney with care? Are you looking for a break from all the Xmas madness? I’ve got just the thing for you — some fun holiday themed Pinterest links. Happy Holidays! :)

peace n nutmeg,


Hot Men in Xmas Sweaters.

Holiday–Scandanavian Style.

Here are some Xmas posts–Lady Smut Style.

792719222aa0e74844c520cd39b1117cIn a Nutcracker kind of mood? Here are dancers.

And in case you missed it–here is some Sexy Holiday Cheer from two years back–A page of blog links to keep you entertained for a while.


Stuff that Stocking With Wild Holiday Nights: Q&A Cara McKenna

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by Madeline Iva

Today we’re dishing on bikers, booty, and being bad to the bone with Cara McKenna.  Cara’s other romance persona, Meg Maguire, has a cute ole anthology out called WILD HOLIDAY NIGHTS.  Meanwhile, I’ve gotten sucked into the world of her Desert Dog Series starting with LAY IT DOWN.  

Lucky ducks–I’m giving away one print copy of each book—LAY IT DOWN and WILD HOLIDAY NIGHTS to a few happy elves who leave a comment for Cara below.

Cara McKenna writes contemporary romance with the explicit feisty sex we’ve come to associate with erotic romance—but her intricate plot does not depend on the sexual relationship.  Because I love sex AND a lotta plot together, to me Cara’s the whole package.  Let’s jump to the nitty-gritty.

MADELINE IVA: Cara, is a bad boy really bad, or is he just misunderstood?

CARA McKENNA: These days, the biker subgenre is really pushing the envelope when it comes to how…

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