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An Amazonian Force to be Reckoned With

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by Madeline Iva

You’re coming to Love Fest at Virginia Festival of the Book on Saturday, right?

Okay, glad we got that settled.

I realize that we’re going to be like a bunch of Amazonian warriors on the stage.  I’m very tall, Jane Friedman is pretty tall, and I think Laura Kaye is tall too.  In my imagination we’re going to look like this:

by Howard David Johnson

by Howard David Johnson

You probably want to know what we’re going to be talking about.  I’m so glad you asked.  The panel is called PUBLISHING ALCHEMY: HOW ROMANCE AUTHORS QUICKLY MASTER NEW PUBLISHING TRENDS.  Now, some people on the panel, like Paige Wheeler and Jane Friedman don’t write romance at all, but they’ve got front row seats to this new age of publishing and will offer insights into what they observe going on in the industry.   I’ll give you a hint: what they’re witnessing…

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Contemporary VS. Paranormal: Who Do You Love?

Madeline Iva:

Crushing on Love Fest authors and considering whether indie contemporary romance is pushing my beloved paranormal sub-genre aside.

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a Mary Burton

Mary Burton brings some class to Love Fest on the Small Towns & Sweet Tea panel.

by Madeline Iva

Howdy ladies! This is my third year organizing romance panels at Virginia Festival of the Book–which is next Saturday, March 22nd.  Here’s what we’re offering this year:

Small Towns & Sweet Tea–The Charm of Southern Contemporary Romance

Hell on Heels: Bad Girls, Feminism, & Rebellion in Romance Fiction

Publishing Alchemy: How Romance Authors Quickly Master New Publishing Trends

and last, but not least:

Too Young to Fight It–Why we love YA Paranormal Romance.

What–no historical fiction this year??? OMG OMG OMG…

b Deanna Raybourne

Deanna Raybourne has a story about men, women, and a party game played with some sheets with holes in them–you will not want to miss her hair raising stories of what they actually did in your great grandmother’s day.

Keep yer panties on–three of the four authors on the Hell…

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It’s Definitely Hard: Q&A with Laura Kaye

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Book 1 --Laura's writes smokin' hot dudes.

Book 1 –Laura’s writes smokin’ hot dudes.

By Madeline Iva

Hello lovelies! Today I’m over-the-moon because we have Laura Kaye with us for Q&A.  Laura is one to watch when it comes to romance.  BTW, we’re going to be on a publishing panel publishing at the Virginia Festival of the Book, Saturday, March 22nd.  It’s free–and we promise to be witty and entertaining. Come check it out and say hello afterwards. ;>

MADELINE IVA: Laura, tell us all about your new book.

LAURA KAYE: Thanks! I’d love to! Hard As It Gets is the first in my sexy romantic suspense series called Hard Ink, which is about the surviving members of a disgraced Special Forces team fighting to regain their stolen honor. Hard As It Gets pairs Nick Rixey, second in command of the SF team, with Becca Merritt, the daughter of the deceased unit commander whose dirty black op led…

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Madeline Iva:

I’m being published by HarperImpulse! Along with my Lady Smut gals, we’re doing an anthology — here’s what my story is about.

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sleep 1

8% of patients referred to a sleep disorders clinic reported having sleep sex.

I’m so excited about our big news that Lady Smut is getting an anthology published by HarperImpulse! The anthology is tentatively titled LADY SMUT’S BOOK OF DARK DESIRES.  The erotic romance stories are in that range of sexy-spooky-paranormal.

So what’s my story about, you ask? Why sexsomnia of course!

Yes, sexsomnia actually exists.  Yes, there are known, documented cases of people having sex in their sleep and waking up with amnesia not remembering a thing about it.  Sort of a horror story for our one-night-stand-nation. Though sometimes it’s more of a mercy not to remember, isn’t it?….

To me it seems so symbolic.  We LOVE paintings of women asleep where they are vulnerable and seemingly unable to resist.  There’s something deeply erotic about this state for artists.

Sleep 2 40 million people in the U.S. have a sleep…

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Swanky Xmas

tinselGod, I love an old fashioned Xmas tree.

My secret fantasy is being transported into The Thin Man, where I spend the holidays partying in swanky clothes. I’d be taking taxies from one gin joint to the next, dancing in the New Year.

While Nora’s character from The Thin Man is the perfect mix of fun– I think I wouldn’t mind being more the femme fatale type.

The women in the book are a more interesting than they are in the movie–esp. Mimi.  Think I’ll get the book down and start reading it again.

Meanwhile, have yourselves a merry little Christmas…see you in the New Year when I can hopefully finally…FINALLY….share my sooper sekrit news!

xo, Madeline

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

6c45ed57768944fca5425d43caa12298Man oh Man I like Christmas.

Got the tree up this weekend.  Danced about the house like a demented nun from The Sound of Music while putting out decorations.

Next weekend it’s cookie land–I’m baking 3 kinds of christmas cookies.  Yum-ola.

It’s all icy out today and cozy inside with the little space heater near my feet and the tree twinkling at me.  Love the smell of a Frasier Fir! I couldn’t be happier but I was also thinking about this story I’ve written that I can’t get out my head.

pretty treeWhich made me think about the different stories I’ve written so far.  I still consider myself a beginning author (uh, yeah you say, because after all I haven’t published yet. But publishing is a slow process ladies.  There’s good stuff in the pipeline coming yer way. By the time you get book #1 I’ll be writing book #5 or #6).

Thinking about this book made me realize that what I love in writing a romance — an erotic romance at least– is the idea of total surrender.  When the level of emotion, trust, and heat on both parts is so solid that she’d do anything–anything–he wants and vice versa–that’s a great shivery excellent moment.  It’s getting to that feeling and having that feeling that matters most to me — even more than the actually doing ‘anything’.

I’ve written three books that deal with this kind of relationship.

Elf King Thranduil

Elves are the best type of characters to use when creating that cold unattainable love interest.

But I’m drawn to other types of romances as well.  I particularly the unattainable love interest.  Mr. Cold & Detached.  Or his counterpart, Miz Icy & Intimidating.  I have plans for a paranormal series that will rock this kind of relationship challenge.  Because, ladies, I think most of us like a bit of a challenge, don’t you?

I like a heroine who’s part unsure of herself, part lion-tamer.  Having her crack the ice on a frozen heart and feast on the hot core that lies beneath is fun.  Fun, fun, fun!

Well, time to crack my own whip and get back to work.  Ciao!


Dyson, Dyson, Dyson…Staying Satisfied Over the Holidays

If it's not Dyson on the screen...then why am I watching?

If it’s not Dyson on the screen…then why am I watching?

Ladies, these days staying sane means daydreaming about Dyson and the TV show LOST GIRL.  I mean, what are you going to do during that long span of time when there’s only football on TV and re-runs? Lost Girl is a great TV show to watch around the fall holidays.  Those fae folk are just naturally festive and there’s a ye olde harvest-solstice-spirit-y vibe that just emanates from the show.

I first saw a glimpse of LOST GIRL on Hulu.com–but they only had clips, not a full episode.  Then I was on holiday batting around the remote control and came across a scene where Dyson was “healing” Bo the succubus by having sex with her.  Yes, yes, and more yes! Yet it seemed that was just a kind of one time-y thing.  I frowned and moved on to other channels. Until Kiersten Hallie Krum joined Lady Smut, and she had this post about wolves.

Beach glass

Okay, maybe her eyes are really blue? I don’t know, but it’s a really cool look.

So I just had to take another look. I started watching the show and I was bitten–bitten hard.  Yes, there’s a lot about Lost Girl that people love in terms of world building.  And yes, Kenzie, the side kick is so fascinating and fun to watch with her eyes that look like green beach glass.  But really, the alpha and omega of that show for me is Dyson.

There is Bo’s character arc, (yawn) and the arc of what’s going on in Fae land (meh), and then there is Dyson’s feelings for/being there for Bo (!).

healingHe’s got a voice that’s like a black bear licking honey.  He’s got a body that does not stop, despite being forced to wear dorky fae vests.  He’s a long cool glass of water, and he makes me thirsty.  His character and how the actor embodies the character is like the relaxing sensations of a vibrating…foot massager.

Why doesn't Bo go for Kenzi? I don't get it.  Why doesn't Dyson go for her either? Really don't get it.

Why doesn’t Bo go for Kenzi? I don’t get it. Why doesn’t Dyson go for her either? Really don’t get it.

However, if you haven’t watched the show yet, you should brace yourself.  At one point they pull the rug out from under you.  I’m squinting with one hand in front of me while looking ahead for Season Two.  Part of Lost Girl’s unique niche is that Bo is bi.  I’m thinking season number two is all about giving her a lot more girl time…which is okay…I guess…It’s just that for me the only reason I’m watching the show is Dyson, so I’m hoping that whatever he’s doing while kicking his heels as Bo gets it on in Lady Land is as good as the stuff in Season One.

HardMeanwhile, here’s something for your Xmas wish list.  I’ve been reading HARD AS IT GETS a romantic suspense book that’s coming out by Lauren Kaye.  Sounds like an erotic romance with that title–but it’s a little more trad romance.  Loving it — even if you’re not so into tattoos (and I’m not), Kaye will keep you zooming through the pages with her taut hero and his gritty world.  It’s available for pre-order here.

I’m also squealing over the fact that I just got ONYX by Jennifer Armentrout in the mail — this is the follow up to OBSIDIAN — the first book in her Lux series.  While the books are ostensibly Y.A.-ish, they are hawt.

OnyxThey really sit on that line between Y.A. and New Adult. I whiffled through Obsidian.  Now I am drooling over the amethyst cover and can’t wait until I can start reading it later tonight.  In the meanwhile, back to some new chapters for me!

So go over-indulge with a big glop of romance on top of your pecan pie next week. I’ll see ya around the time we start to deck the halls.

Just say no to Xmas creep! — and follow my blog, plz.

Thrilling Update

What can I say?

It’s fall, my favorite time of year.  I just found out that am going to be on a panel at Virginia Festival of the Book — see the page on this website for the 2014 line up.  I’m super excited.  I love the authors who are coming.

The Publishing Alchemy panel is going to be like entering a time machine.  You’ll find out what’s going to be happening in publishing five years from now.  It’s going to be visionary!

Meanwhile, Y.A. romance is so hot, we’ve got a Y.A. paranormal romance panel this year.  We’ve also got panels on Southern Contemporary Romance and a discussion of women, feminism, rebellion, and bad girls.  I could roll around on the grass and whinny just thinking about it.

If we’re lucky, we might be able to hear from Cathy Maxwell in some form, some way about the state of romance.   She’s a real pistol–a romance writer with phenomenal business acumen.

Meanwhile, big news coming for Lady Smut.  LS is a constant joy — we’ve got new bloggers, new energy, and a great bunch of readers.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome — and please feel free to follow by clicking on the button over to the right.  This is where I post news updates about my writing career as they occur.