I’m back!

Just got home from a thrilling time away where I wrote and slept and read and cavorted. Now it’s back to work.  (Hear my whip? Whooocha!)

Currently I have a erotic romance novel–my first!–called BE MY BRIDEZILLA out for inspection by agents and I’ve been really flattered by some of the interest it’s garnered.  But agents take time, and whether they accept me or not is out of my hands.

So, I’m working on a new project–a fantasy erotic romance novella–oooooh. It’s called Elzbeth & Magorus. It’s going to be 35,000 words long.  My plan is to have it done and ready to pitch by the end of August.  This fall I’m going to hit some romance conferences and pitch the novella.  It’s always fun starting a new project and this one is no different.  I’m very happy that the short story and novella are in demand again for the romance writing market!

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