1K in 1 Hour–A Fun Way to Write

Feeling incredibly positive about the world of romance this week.  I’m trying a new approach to my writing: The Blitz.

After reading July, 2011’s RWR* about a writer, Lynsay Sands who crams out four books a year and writes a book in a month,  I was very inspired.  She writes a book non-stop for two weeks, “cramming style” she said, in a way similar to writing a paper for college.  Then she edits for two weeks.

This weekend I tried doing a “Write 1 thousand words in 1 hour” informal contest with friends on Saturday.  It went so well! I wrote approximately 2000+ words and kept going long after the contest was over.

I recognize that I’m a very lopsided person.  I’m incredibly competent in some areas, but not if I’m bored.  And working on projects a “little bit every day” b-o-r-e-s me. Yet I know that when I push intensely working on a project full steam, I can produce a lot of work in a short amount of time.  So I’ve decided to try writing in intensive bursts.  It’s worked in the past very well, and I like working with my strengths, don’t you?

Right now I’m working on an erotic romance novella, tentatively titled Magorus & Elzbeth. It’s a fantasy paranormal romance, and I’m hoping to have it in the hopper to shop around in September.  I originally felt this story just stream out of me for about three hours one Sunday afternoon.  My best work often starts that way.  So the idea was to shape up my pre-writing files into a draft.  This week.  Yup.  Today’s the final day.

So far I’ve got four chapters and two sorta-chapters.  I’ll finish it up today (I’m aiming for 35,000-40,000 words) Then I’ll let it cook for a week while I tend to other things. I’ll let my writer friends have a peek and see if it’s ready to go.

It feels right to try this.  I’m feeling so in tune with my life, and I just love not only my amazing writing friends, but I also love the possibilities of the romance publishing world.  I want to make a connection with a publisher, and with droves of writers diving into the self-publishing waters, I think there’s going to be more room for an up and comer like myself.

What do you think of intensive effort vs. the slow and steady approach? Do you feel better working under an exciting deadline, or is it too stressful.

*Romance Writer’s Report, a magazine you get for joining RWA–Romance Writer’s of America

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