BASIL BEFORE THE DELUGE…Lazy-ass gardening

Lazy-ass gardening pays off!

This year I didn’t get basil into my garden until July 4th. I put in wee tiny seedlings I grew myself, then instead of babying them I went away for two weeks leaving the neighbor to water. (Thanks neighbor!) I came back to find giant bright emerald basil plants that I harvested for pesto-food of the Gods. I didn’t even ofter neighbor any. (I know, I suck, but she has her own magnificent garden with her own damn basil plants.)

And…drum roll please…for the first time EVER I have left over pesto to freeze! I’m in shock. I’d like to thank my neighbor for the fine watering job she did while we were gone, and my DH for actually making and freezing the pesto. (But it was my idea.) Finally, I’d like to thank the sudden storm that swept through here yesterday, provoking me to go out and cut the last of the basil down before hail inundated us, killing another late transplant…our tomato plant. (RIP)

SEPTEMBER: The steam bath of summer seems to be passing, so I’ll probably be a bit less lazy-ass this month and see about actually filling up the three other raised beds DH built so that they’ll be ready for some fall crops…kale, chard, and collards. Plus lettuce, radishes, and beets. You know I didn’t even start eating this stuff until I found out how easy it is to grow…;>

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