My Blog Make Over…

Met with Joanna Bourne today, and she gave me a l-o-t of brilliant advice before I roll into romance conferences and pitch my stories to the world.

The first part of her advice was about my blog.  It turns out that my blog was drab and colorless. Oh, she was so right! I looked again and realized it lacked vibrancy.

I was in desperate need of a romance blog make over.

It was fun trying to put something together that’s got some sensuality–but also some class and girly-ness.  🙂 Sigh.  I’m happy.  It still needs work, but looks more ka-pow than ka-tank.  I blow you kisses, Jo!

Also check out Joanna Bourne’s most excellent blog with wonderful writerly advice, and don’t forget her word wenches blog (I never miss one of her posts) where she shares her research about the most amazing things folks used in the past.

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