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So this is what I found in looking around for exciting erotic romance blogs and review sites.

Passionate Reads is a group of authors: Brandi Evans, Cat Grant, Charlotte Stein, Crystal Kauffman, Erica Anderson, Heather Howard, Kaily Hart, KJ Reed, Lauren Fraser, Marilyn Campbell, Nara Malone, Sasha Devlin, Shannon Emmel, and Rhian Cahill.

I’ve looked them up before because I know Nara Malone and she recommended their Pitch contest — which is where you can provide a pitch/blurb for your novel in progress and if Ellora’s Cave editor Grace Bradley picks it, you can get some editorial feedback and good vibes.  I, ahem, didn’t make it past the first round. 😦 But c’est la vie.

Though in the past I saw a banner add for the book On Your Knees Soldier — a title which, by the way, I just could not get over, wanting to both laugh at it and yet…read it too–I hadn’t paid much attention to if they offered reviews or other knowledge about the industry/latest book releases.

Well, this time I saw that they do have a “September Releases” page.  I went to it, but to be honest, I found it kind of confusing.  There are book covers (always welcome!) but they don’t seem to go with any of the blurbs.  There are–I assume–titles of the works, but they don’t have the names of the authors who wrote them.  Some of the titles sounded really enticing — and if you scrolled down you could read an excerpt, I guess, and buy them, I guess.  It wasn’t clear to me why those links weren’t offered for each book — there were two links on the page.  It almost made me think that all those titles were by two authors.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend checking out the pitch contest.  I would recommend that Passionate Reads provide photos and blurbs about their authors as well as links to their websites…

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