Showdown in the O.K. Corral with writer Nara Malone!

Okay those of you who love a good fight–

We’re officially half way through November and that means we’re half way through Nanowrimo. I’ve challenged my very good buddy Nara Malone to a word writin’ throw down.

We both have 21k or so written on a new Work In Progress (WIP).  Who can write the most in one day? Tomorrow we’re going to see.  Starting from the crack of dawn (when Nara gets up) to about mid-day (when I emerge from my coffin) we’ll peck away at the keys and do some sprints with #1k1hr on Twitter.  The one with the highest word count by 5:30 EST wins.

Who will win bragging writes to the fastest fingers –wait, that sounds, uh, a little dirtier that I meant it to.

Stay tuned.

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