Writer Word-slinging Throw Down Results

The Challenge: Who could write more words on her WIP in one writing day?

The Contestants: In this corner erotic romance author & poet, virtual world goddess, and super-techo maven–NARA MALONE.  In the other corner erotic romance author and reality TV addict–MADELINE ‘LEFTY’ IVA.

The Results:

Nara Malone — 5991 words for the day.   Madeline Iva — 6770.

This was a wonderful challenge for me, no matter who won.  I powered through a day that would have otherwise been rather unsatisfying because it wasn’t coming easily.   I never would have kept going and gotten this much done if I hadn’t imagined Nara typing away on the other end of our twitter/facebook connection.

Also, I caught myself trying to smooth out the sentences and paragraphs on this first draft.  The experts say it’s more important to get the story down as a whole–you might have to change some or all of that stuff you spent so much time tweaking.  Lesson learned.

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