DWTS & Maks — Two TV shows in one.

There’s Dancing With The Stars…and then there’s Maks.  This season Melissa Gilbert will be dancing with the Ukrainian heart throb, and I, for one, will be watching.  I don’t watch DWTS for dancing, I watch it for the story of Maks.  He plays dangerously.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously…except when he does.  He feels before he thinks.  He’s sex on a stick, and he’s endured heartbreak.  Not just that he never wins…(though sometimes he’s been this close,) but last season he also had to watch his ex-fiance–his (gossip has it) cheating ex-fiance win that mirror ball trophy while his promising partner became her own worst enemy, fizzled out, and went up in flames.  The man is an inspiration to women writing romance novels across the land.  Well, maybe he’s not…but he should be.

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