For Every No There Is A Yes

I got the nicest rejection on the face of the planet the other day from a BIG editor.  Was a leetle mopey, but then my friends said nice things to me, and I got to work and got some more of my WIP done.  This time the rejection did not take me as low as it has before.  I think it’s because I’ve tried to have no expectations.  I know that part of the biz is looking at your work as something that’s not a part of you.  A rejection is not personal.

Today I found out that something else I’d written is getting published! Yay! Just because I kept my expectations low doesn’t mean that I felt a huge amount of joy when the good news came.  So many writers speak of working for four or five years before their success comes.  It’s a long road, a marathon, and I’m trying to keep my stride steady and keep writing manuscripts that are highly readable, fun, and heartfelt.  That’s all I can control, and so that’s all I’m going to expect.  

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