Quench Your Desire w/ Dark Lover

Desiring a delicious read as we hit the last month of summer? Here’s a favorite of mine.  DARK LOVER by J.R. Ward.

Here’s a link with an excerpt.

What do I love about this book? The hero.  The backstories.  The heroine — strong, sexy, and vulnerable — a rather hard combo to pull off, I think.

This is erotic romance–in that sex comes first, questions later.  Then love.  Yet, I think of it as walking the line between super-duper-steamy romance and erotic romance.  The camera pulls back just a wee bit during the sex scenes, but to me that’s okay.  Why? Because it’s written in a way that’s hot–maybe hotter than some erotic romance I can think of.

Enjoy! The nice part about recommending this book is that it’s part of a vast long series–so the fun doesn’t stop after the first book is over.  I haven’t read the entire series — but I’m gonna.  It’s like hunting for buried treasure.  I’ve heard that on of the books gets into some BDSM, so I’m going to read through them all to keep the tangled soap opera plot lines straight in my head so that I can enjoy the kinky sex when I get to it!

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