Coming Soon: Erotic Stories about Spanking…A Review



So, one thing you can’t escape about Fifty Shades of Grey — it may have been BDSM-lite,  but there was no missing the fact that there was some spanking going on.  (You remember the sensuous dream she had, where the riding crop suddenly gave her a little pop right on  her hoo-ha, don’t you? W-O-W.)

My question is: are there any other great erotic reads out there about consensual spanking? With romance? Without being icky.  (I have a hair-trigger sensitivity to the ‘ick’ factor when it comes to reading erotic romance. At least I think I do.)

Stop by on Wednesday and we’ll see what I can scrape up.  I’ll cover popular themes, great book covers, some stuff to gag over, and I’ll suggest–if I can–a read that you might love.

Is it possibly this book?–You’ll have to come back on Wednesday and see.


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