Cathy Maxwell Rocked the WRW Meeting on Sat. Sept. 8th.

Madeline here! Cathy Maxwell spoke yesterday at the Washington Romance Writers chapter of RWA in Washington D.C.
She was brilliant, of course.  She’s an amazing speaker–sharp and funny.  I got such useful tips out of her talk, I ended up having a major breakthrough this morning on a story that I’m revising.

So here’s to Cathy! Meanwhile, this is a cover of one of her books — The Scottish Witch.  LOVE IT!

I also wanted to give a shout out to the smart, warm, and engaging women of the WRW chapter.  I felt very welcome at their meeting.  I had a wonderful time hanging out with them, and left the meeting oh-so-inspired.

As you may know, I plan the Virginia Festival of the Book romance panels.  This day of panels–called LOVE FEST–is a great opportunity for writers to meet readers, to hear some rich discussion of romance, and for everyone to hang out with some big names in the romance world.  Based on the conversations that I had yesterday with the WRW women, I think I’m going to start a VA LOVE FEST page on this website–so that people can have instant access to the panels we’re planning as well as information about how to get involved.

Meanwhile, I’m off to clean up my writing desk–it’s frosted with pages and pages of my draft revisions.  Going to roll up my sleeves and git to work! ;>

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