Meg Benjamin Contemplates Longing

Read about it on her blog here.

My favorite books are long on longing.

Boarderliners — a violent, sad little literary ditty about orphans in Denmark, is probably the best book I’ve read with romantic longing.

I realize, looking over my book shelf, that

a) It’s a tricky thing to have a character who longs.  Don’t want him/her to be all droopy, you know?

b)The exceptionally clever writers get us the reader to do the longing FOR the character who is otherwise busy doing important things in the plot.

PLEASE leave a comment if you know of a good book about longing! I’m dying to read and discover more excellent romance novels that have this exceptional quality.




2 thoughts on “Meg Benjamin Contemplates Longing

  1. Oh, and I just wanted to give credit to Liz Everly who found the Meg Benjamin article. She posted it in her Sexy Saturday Round-Up blog on LADY SMUT. I keep dipping into that blog post throughout the week to find inspiration and good stuff to read.

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