I Can’t Give You Anything…But Love, Baby

Hi my lovelies!

You may have noticed that I have not been posting on Wednesdays as much as I used to.  That’s because lots is going on.  Lots of requests for erotic romance manuscripts–which is an exciting state of affairs and it’s keeping me very busy.

But I want you to know I appreciate the fact that you follow my blog soooooooooo much! Smootchies to you all!

If you miss me, I’m over at Lady Smut—please follow that blog.  You won’t regret it, and not only do I post there every week, but you can read some great Q&A that I’ve been doing with other authors.

In fact, this home page of my website is going to change a bit.  I’m going to be relentlessly posting news about my progress towards publication — full of angst, hope, questions about writing craft, and the sweat of my pure determination.  It may get whiny so brace yourselves.  And if there’s nothing to report on that front (quelle horror!) I’m going to re-post my articles at Lady Smut here as well.



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