Virginia Romance Writers & Love Fest

Cathy Maxwell and Barbara being Vey-ry adorable

Hey readers!  Barbara Vey mentioned her visit to Virginia Romance Writers on her blog today. Here’s her post.

She also gave a shout out to Love Fest, (squee!) which is coming in March, so I updated my page with details about Love Fest here.

She was a great speaker.  I was moved and learned things at the same time.  Afterwards she ate with us and attended our chapter meeting.  I was the brilliant one who suggested we clap for every person who was thanked for their work on VRW this year.  It turned out to be a crazy long list, revealing that a)those VRW members do a LOT of work and b) once again, I should have shut my pie hole.

When Love Fest was mentioned, I held up both fists and shouted something like “Love Fest! Whoo-whoo-whoo!”

Maybe I thought others would give shouts of approval as well?  They didn’t. They’re a very lady-like bunch. In the tiny silence that followed, I felt like such an idiot. At least the name stuck in Barbara’s memory. ;>

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