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Hi readers! Hi lovely VRW ladies —-

Book Festival 2013 - Date - Add contact Info - ColorWe’re launching the social media campaign for Love Fest–the day of romance panels at Festival of the Book 2013.  So how do we get everyone on the same page? Some people love social media, know how to use it well, know exactly why we should be promoting the authors appearing at the fest, and are ready to hit the ground running.

But frankly, some of us fear/loathe social media.  Some of us are unsure about why we’re doing this in the first place.  Some are still unfamiliar with or just meh about the authors who are coming.  (Jehanne Wake—who’s she???) Finally, a lot of us may already have plenty on our plates, so what exactly are we getting out of all this blogging, tweeting, etc?

Let me try to answer some of these questions below.  In the coming weeks, I’ll also provide strategies for those that need it every Wednesday. I welcome all comments here or on other social media platforms.  The next step in our campaign is to just start sending social media related to the VA Book fest out.  Whatever you send to me, I promise to pass on to the rest of the posse and my readers. I’ll cross my fingers and hope you do the same.  If we suddenly find ourselves bonding over mutually shared interests, a strong sense of cameraderie, and orgasmic excitement about VA Book Fest–that’s a bonus prize. ;>

1. What can we do, why are we doing it, and why when we’re so busy should we take the time to promote others?  

What can we do?

I like blogging.  You may like tweeting. I encourage you to do what social media you like best.  We’re posting social media about anything and everything relating to the romance events at the festival. Tips on blogging, tweeting, fb posts, and how to get the most out of being at a romance event will be coming in the following weeks.

Why are we doing it?

With all of us sharing posts/tweets/blogs around, you’ll be expanding your network to a wider local audience and also helping bring people out for the day.  (Pat yourself on the back for that.) You’ll have the chance–even as an author in the audience at the event–to meet potential readers, mention your book, and the VRW table will be loaded with your bookmarks, your swag, etc, so you might actually wind up getting a bump in book sales. (Who knows?) You might even want to bring books to give away in our gift baskets.  One free read can lead to other sales you know…

Finally, with a directed focus, you might get better at social media.  You might gain insights into what works best for you or want to model off of others. At the very least we’re creating a sense of solidarity and enthusiasm about ourselves and about romance–professional romance authors do this all the time.

Why should we take the time to promote others?

Angela James is whip smart when it comes to author branding.  James recommends you follow the 75/25 rule for social media.  Write/tweet/post about OTHER people/books/topics 75% of the time.  Relate these things back to your books and your brand 25% of the time. Liz Everly is a great example. (Note Liz not promoting her new book as much as she’s promoting the genre, specific authors specifically, and–a real soft sell move–a give away to her readers.)

Finally, let me address some of the elephants hanging around in the room.

2. Who are these people, how did they get chosen to come, (and not me) and why should I really engage with them?

Who are these people?

KimCheck them out.  Most of them are names with big sales and/or have some affiliation with VRW. Some were here last year and wanted to come back.  We don’t realize quite how big Festival of the Book is simply because it’s been there for forever, and it’s right in our own backyard.  Yet these authors were very excited to come to the event and they spread the word around to each other. They all know each other.  Get it? They know each other.  So by coming to the fest, tweeting with them in advance, and being ready to engage–you have an opportunity to get to know them.  They also have reputations for being excellent panelists.

Basically it’s an entertwined social grid of successful authors. I want to be a part of it–don’t you? Okay, a part of me can suddenly get overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole thing if I think of it as one big chunk.  But if I think about just one small bit of it at a time, I can deal.  So this is one small bit: creating social media that links your name with theirs and the fest.

The first step: follow, follow, follow.  Below are ladies who comprise our social media campaign.  Are you connected to them through Fb, Twitter, Google +? Take a few minutes and hook up to your new social media buddies.  Want to join us? Let me know in the comments, or through twitter, etc. and we’ll fold you into the mix.

Second step: If you’re blogging about the fest or authors, etc, then I suggest you post a link to that blog on Fb & Twitter & Google+ so we can find it.

XO, Madeline

Twitter links: @tinaglasneck, @lori_dillon@nicoledgreen @sherryink @SapphirePhelan @leahstjamesStephanie Gurnsey Higgins is @whatacoolidea@AlexaJDay @nara_malone@lucybalch@lizeverly01, @madelineiva

[WHO IS THIS LADIES? I could NOT read her writing: Geri (?) Starma (?) @geri_starma01]

Folks on Facebook: Tina Glasneck, Sandy Raven, Julie Dove, Lori Dillon (Lori Dillon Stacy), Nicole Green, Pamela Kinney aka Sapphire Phelan, Leah Price, Stephanie Gurnsey Higgins, Alexa Day, Nara Malone, Allyson Johns, Lucy Arnold Balch, Liz Everly,         Madeline Iva and Geri (?) Starma (?) (Who is this???)

Google + links: Tina Glasneck, Sandy Raven, Pamela Kinney aka Sapphire Phelan,      Leah St. JamesGeri (?) Starma (?) Nara MaloneMadeline Iva

Blog links: (FIY, I’m not saying you have to stuff your email inbox with all of our blogs. But you might be curious, so. These are blogs I could find–they are awesome. Did I miss any?) Tina Glasneck, Sandy Raven, Pamela Kinney aka Sapphire Phelan,      Leah Price aka Leah St. JamesNara Malone, Alexa Day— all three of whom are also at wordswomenwisdom, Madeline Iva, Liz Everly we are also at Lady Smut,                         Lori Dillon (Lori Dillon Stacy), Nicole Green, Lucy Arnold Balch.

2 thoughts on “Promote that Thang!

    1. Yay! I think I’m preaching to the converted here. Though I have to say after all this I’m getting pretty excited and amped up again myself. Going to raid the library tomorrow and dive into the works of Tasha Alexander and Joyce Lamb. Fun!

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