Your Voice Dream Team

Yes the blind auditions are over. Yes, there’s some really good stuff going on this season and I am as sucked in as ever.  Last season on The Voice website they had some sort of ‘build your own Voice dream team’ kind of thing.  I regretted not doing it after a few weeks and they don’t seem to have that option this year.  So here’s my Voice dream team–I’ll track them and see how I do.

I Think Blake has the best team this year:

Here are my Top Picks:

Christian Porter's figured out he's sexy.
Christian Porter’s figured out he’s sexy.

1)Christian Porter

2)The Morgan Twins — duos have yet to make it past the first round in the past, but I think this year we’ll see at least one duo bust through and become a major threat.

3)Savannah Berry

Fun pick: Christian Porter (so he’s a double threat)

4)Fun pick: Grace Askew (best name ever!)

Adam started off with so many four chair singers.  I think he has the next best team:

Top picks:

5)Sarah Simmons

Judith6)Judith Hill

7)Midas Whale

Fun pick:  Midas Whale –so they’re a double threat

Secret Threat: Patrick Dodd (Sarah mentioned she used to go see him perform in Memphis, I was meh about him, but we’ll see if he’s hiding something)

I DO NOT LIKE: Warren Stone (in one clip he seemed like the sexy firefighter. Maybe—but watching him interact with his children made me think something’s wrong there—his little girl would NOT look him in the eye)

Usher didn’t get some good picks until towards the end—but I have a feeling he do a lot with what he’s been given:

My top picks:

8)Jessica Childress

9)Ryan Inness

10) Fun pick: Audrey Karrasch (irrevent, love her hoarse voice)

Taylor –Usher’s eyes lit up with cash signs when he saw her.

11) Think he’ll favor Taylor Beckham—the female version of Justin Beiber.  His eyes lit up with a fanatical glow when he turned around and saw her.

Poor Shakira has only one singer that wowed me.  I just hope she can pick up some more heavy hitters in the battle rounds when coaches can steal.

12)My final pick is Monique Abbadie — so who would you pick?

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