Bad Mommy

What can I say? Crazy women inspire me. 🙂

Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva

Yeah, it was mother’s day this weekend.   A day of motherly love, and were was I? I went to a workshop where we discussed gender expectations in romances and how as an author you cross those readerly expectations at your own peril.

Virginia Kantra was the author who spoke to our group.  She pointed out that while heroes we love can often be violent –and if they are vampires even kill people left and right–but god forbid a heroine be sexually aggressive or slightly bitchy.

Yet there were a lot of exceptions to this rule.  Urban Fantasy heroines, for example, can be very kick-ass and aggressive.  (I love you, paranormal readers.  You like freaks and monsters–the misunderstood and the outsiders.  In the words of Avril Lavrine: I’m with you.)

AbFabAlso things are different in comedy.  Characters who are expressing their core truths can get away with…

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