Thrilling Update

What can I say?

It’s fall, my favorite time of year.  I just found out that am going to be on a panel at Virginia Festival of the Book — see the page on this website for the 2014 line up.  I’m super excited.  I love the authors who are coming.

The Publishing Alchemy panel is going to be like entering a time machine.  You’ll find out what’s going to be happening in publishing five years from now.  It’s going to be visionary!

Meanwhile, Y.A. romance is so hot, we’ve got a Y.A. paranormal romance panel this year.  We’ve also got panels on Southern Contemporary Romance and a discussion of women, feminism, rebellion, and bad girls.  I could roll around on the grass and whinny just thinking about it.

If we’re lucky, we might be able to hear from Cathy Maxwell in some form, some way about the state of romance.   She’s a real pistol–a romance writer with phenomenal business acumen.

Meanwhile, big news coming for Lady Smut.  LS is a constant joy — we’ve got new bloggers, new energy, and a great bunch of readers.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome — and please feel free to follow by clicking on the button over to the right.  This is where I post news updates about my writing career as they occur.

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