Smells Like Christmas Spirit

6c45ed57768944fca5425d43caa12298Man oh Man I like Christmas.

Got the tree up this weekend.  Danced about the house like a demented nun from The Sound of Music while putting out decorations.

Next weekend it’s cookie land–I’m baking 3 kinds of christmas cookies.  Yum-ola.

It’s all icy out today and cozy inside with the little space heater near my feet and the tree twinkling at me.  Love the smell of a Frasier Fir! I couldn’t be happier but I was also thinking about this story I’ve written that I can’t get out my head.

pretty treeWhich made me think about the different stories I’ve written so far.  I still consider myself a beginning author (uh, yeah you say, because after all I haven’t published yet. But publishing is a slow process ladies.  There’s good stuff in the pipeline coming yer way. By the time you get book #1 I’ll be writing book #5 or #6).

Thinking about this book made me realize that what I love in writing a romance — an erotic romance at least– is the idea of total surrender.  When the level of emotion, trust, and heat on both parts is so solid that she’d do anything–anything–he wants and vice versa–that’s a great shivery excellent moment.  It’s getting to that feeling and having that feeling that matters most to me — even more than the actually doing ‘anything’.

I’ve written three books that deal with this kind of relationship.

Elf King Thranduil
Elves are the best type of characters to use when creating that cold unattainable love interest.

But I’m drawn to other types of romances as well.  I particularly the unattainable love interest.  Mr. Cold & Detached.  Or his counterpart, Miz Icy & Intimidating.  I have plans for a paranormal series that will rock this kind of relationship challenge.  Because, ladies, I think most of us like a bit of a challenge, don’t you?

I like a heroine who’s part unsure of herself, part lion-tamer.  Having her crack the ice on a frozen heart and feast on the hot core that lies beneath is fun.  Fun, fun, fun!

Well, time to crack my own whip and get back to work.  Ciao!


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