I’m being published by HarperImpulse! Along with my Lady Smut gals, we’re doing an anthology — here’s what my story is about.

Lady Smut

sleep 1 8% of patients referred to a sleep disorders clinic reported having sleep sex.

I’m so excited about our big news that Lady Smut is getting an anthology published by HarperImpulse! The anthology is tentatively titled LADY SMUT’S BOOK OF DARK DESIRES.  The erotic romance stories are in that range of sexy-spooky-paranormal.

So what’s my story about, you ask? Why sexsomnia of course!

Yes, sexsomnia actually exists.  Yes, there are known, documented cases of people having sex in their sleep and waking up with amnesia not remembering a thing about it.  Sort of a horror story for our one-night-stand-nation. Though sometimes it’s more of a mercy not to remember, isn’t it?….

To me it seems so symbolic.  We LOVE paintings of women asleep where they are vulnerable and seemingly unable to resist.  There’s something deeply erotic about this state for artists.

Sleep 2 40 million people in the U.S. have a sleep…

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