They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

Have you tried the wonderful world of hot interracial romance?

Lady Smut

FergusonBy Madeline Iva

Folks, there’s been a lot of really unhappy news coming from Fergusson, Missouri lately. I hope you find the ugliness as disturbing as I do.  So in an effort to ‘give peace a chance’, I’m sharing (with her permission) this email exchange that I had with Alexa Day about two weeks back.



>>> I’m noticing an increase in the stats on my interracial posts. I’d like to keep that momentum up, if possible, and not just because I’m on a countdown to my own release date. Is there anything you want to hear about interracial romances, anything at all, that I haven’t already written about? Feel free to put this question to the crew.


>Okay.  Well, for starters, I’m interested in the difference between interracial romances between black woman & white men and black men & white women.  And hot suggestions for both.


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2 thoughts on “They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

  1. Hey there. Jessi here. I have one interracial romance on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet. It’s Wildly Inappropriate by Eden Connor. It’s the second in a series, and the first was very good and very hot, so I have high hopes.

    My critique partner just wrote an interracial romance novella in her Love and Football series. Her name is Julie Brannagh, but the book isn’t out yet.

    Good luck in the search for more interracial rom. It’s definitely a good time for it.

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