Unconventional Love at Fall For the Book


I’m going to be talking about Unconventional Love at a Fall For the Book panel on Sunday, September 14th.  I hope you take a look — it’s free and it’s going to be mondo interesting.

UnconventionalWe’ll discuss romances that were once far more unconventional than they are now — like interracial romance, as well as m/m, f/f, and all sorts of variations therein.

These romances are being folded into the mainstream — but we’ll also look at how some communities WANT to remain unconventional when it comes to their kind of sex thang.

And that’s cool, too! Personally, I love how the romance world is often a big gob of acceptance.

Meanwhile, I leave you with Tom Waits, dreaming about Tony and Maria from West Side Story finding “a place for us.”  The original is below —

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