From Lolita to Brolita: Getting Your Girly Kink On with Otaku

Want to know what a Goth Lolita is? How about a brolita? This blog post explains it all to you. Well….sort of!  And if you like that here’s some more photos and explanations on my Pinterest page:

Lady Smut

Big Book of Submission Click on photo to buy.

by Madeline Iva

It’s our week of Kink at  This theme week was brought to you by the letter K.

No, just kidding.  We’re celebrating the release of THE BIG BOOK OF SUBMISSION (Our very own C. Margery Kempe has a short story included in the anthology.)

But first, a word about Kink &  We walk a fine line with sexy here at the blog.  When considering kink with a capital “K” some LadySmut bloggers get rather flustered.  Would I ever??? they say and gulp. (Unless you’re Alexa. She’s sitting at the bar saying Bring it.)

Me, I don’t have this kind of problem.  Would I ever? Not no, but hell no.

Experiment with a kinky life style? No. Er. Well, depends on what you mean by kinky?

With people besides my DH? No.

Doing things that involve an investment of significant money, time…

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