Tormented & Tortured: Books You Can’t Forget

You know that sick, messed-up book you read that you wished you hadn’t, but now you can’t forget? We talk about how that stuff gets stuck in your brain.

Lady Smut

By Madeline Iva

Picture me drinking cocktails, lit neon red, crunching on spicy fried green beans &coconut rice (heavenly!) celebrating the anthology launch with two romance buddies. (Haven’t heard about our Lady Smut anthology– where have you been? Check it out HERE.) The talk turns to erotic romance books that were AWFUL–by which it turns out that my friends mean books that are no-holds-barred Dark Erotica. No offense dark erotica folk, you know I love you, kiss-kiss.

By which we usually mean books that are/and/or display misogynistic stuff, full of no-no sex or themes that most erotic rom. publishers won’t touch–but at the same time, we can’t forget. Books that aren’t PC. Books that make the feminist inside you wring her hands, BUT YOU CAN’T FORGET.   Why? Why?????

What are they doing so right that makes shaking them off so hard?

For your pleasure, I’ve decided to interrogate these ladies…

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