It’s All Part of My Rock N Roll Fantasy

Is this the latest trend in smexy romance?

Lady Smut

By Madeline Iva


Why read rock-n-roll romances? Because of the hero of course! There are so many fantabulous rock star traits that make for a perfect romance hero. Let me count the ways…

1) ROCKERS LIKE DIRTY SEX — as in ‘no holds barred sex’.  As in other-people-are-watching-and-you-don’t-even-care sex.  Rockers have a reputation for no-rules mayhem when it comes to nookie.  This is what fans of rock-n-roll romances crave.  Shari Slade and Amber Lin deliver that kind of finger lickin’ fun in THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR and ONE KISS WITH A ROCK STAR.

Kiss Click on photo to buy!

While the girl who’s ‘with the band’ might be up for anything, romance lovers still want a modicum of rules–a veneer of consent to the orgy of sensation about to begin.  Robin Covington sets out the rules in an informal way in her latest PLAYING WITH THE DRUMMER…

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