Fun, Sexy Fun — Nice to Meet Ya!

healingHello — are you perhaps a first-time visitor to my website? Welcome, you. 🙂

While I’m out this week feeling the rapture of #VALoveFest with a gorgeous pack of romance authors, I thought I’d put out some blog links below–it’s the website equivalent of leaving out snacks for guests.  So kick back and enjoy. If you love them, you might just *ahem* like to check out my latest novella SEXSOMNIA.  You know, just a suggestion. ; >


Room Service, I’d Like To Order Some Hot Sex, Please

When He’s Good He’s Bad & When He’s Bad He’s Better: Timothy Olyphant

Sexy Older Men, AKA The Daddy Figure

What Men Like: BBW — And my BBW Pinterest Board is HERE.

Dyson, Dyson, Dyson!

My Lady Porn Manifesto — Find the related Pinterest Board HERE.

Snakes & The Single Girl

–And if you liked the post on snakes, then check out Swamp Girl

From Lolita to Brolita: Get Yer Girly Kink on with Otaku — If you’re a visual learner type, my Lolita/Brolita Pinterest Page with more examples may be of interest to you.

They’re Hot, They’re Naked, They’re Two Different Colors

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