I Love a Cheap Adrenaline Rush

Hey readers!

Honey, I swear I'm working. Watching Gossip Girl is research.  Seriously.
Honey, I swear I’m working. Watching Gossip Girl is research. Seriously.

I love the cheap thrill of having a deadline, don’t you?  They don’t even have the world ‘deadline’ in German.  All they have is ‘due date’.  Boring.  Yawn.

‘Deadline’ is a much better word if only because it references death and desperation.  A finishing point of do or die.  A victory — or the agony of defeat and the sweaty tension of going into overtime.

Be glad you’re not married to a writer. I sat around a lot this week (mostly in my pj’s) looking like I was doing absolutely nothing three-fourths of the time, and then in between massive bouts of watching Gossip Girl re-runs making a tiny adjustment here or there to a scene. Finally on Friday I began working like a demon.

It’s like watching a billiards match where the players make tiny adjustments over the course of a few hours and just when you’ve settled into a nice deep coma, someone runs the table and the game is over. Drives my husband nuts.

Hope you all had a fabulous easter and are out at some point today getting your daffodil fix. I’m inside today from now until whenever racing to the finish line.

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