Wicked Apprentice

Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva

Hate the character.  Love the man. Hate the character. Love the man.

Happy WALPURGISNACHT! Instead of writing about witches today I’m writing about wizards.

I’ve been working on my next WIP, a fantasy erotic romance called WICKED APPRENTICE.   I was inspired by…well, I don’t know what really.  I just woke up one Sunday after having a really hot dream, sat down with my lap top at the dining room table and whole story poured out of me in about four hours.

However, NOW, post-Hobbit movie trilogy I’m totally inspired by Lee Pace and his performance in THE HOBBIT trilogy as Thranduil, haughty Elf King.  I like both the actor in his everyday guise and his elfish persona.  I managed to incorporate the two sides into one character–a nice guy scholar dude who goes all fae in moments of stress, turning into an icy-hot wicked elf wizard.  Yum!

Lee Pace Lee Pace as a nice guy.

Revising the story, various…

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