Mad Max: The Awesomest Movie That Almost Was

Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva

Call me an optimist.  I say 1/2 a good movie is better than none.  And Max Max is all kinds of half a good movie.***  Let me count the ways:

1) DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN: This movie’s best moments start and end with the look of the film.  The franchise is not just about costumes anymore.  Once upon a time we were sated by some 80’s white rocker desert costumes.  Once upon a time a bladed boomerang and hockey glove on a little kid’s paw did it for us.  One upon a time teddy bear effigies marching across desert sand and we cheered.  Now the best oscar for Post-Apocalyptic Macho Motifs in a Futuristic Dustbowl Series goes to brilliant yet repellant details such as:

Bad guy Toothy Breathing MaskBad guy

Death head steering wheelssteering wheel

Hedgehog spike-y carsspikey car

Cancerous punk boy cannon fodder — who spray their teeth and lips silver just before going all jihad on their…

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