Far From The Madding Crowd: Alone Time with Mr. Oat

Lady Smut

Mr. Oat, if Carey Mulligan doesn't get it, she's an idiot. Mr. Oat, if Carey Mulligan doesn’t get it, she’s an idiot.

by Madeline Iva

Here’s my blurb for the movie: Determined young heiress can’t appreciate gentle jewel of a man who’s right under her nose until life beats the stuffing out of her.

Which sounds annoying, doesn’t it? But there’s much to appreciate and much to find annoying together in this movie. I bet you’ll love it — I bet you’ll go see it and think I’m being too picky. But let me snark away for a moment.

First of all, this film is definitely NOT a romance—Though our heroine is aspirational, though three men clearly want her, she says she’s not looking for love.  And I believed her.  Because it would be really annoying, wouldn’t it–if she were looking for love after being soooooo sure she wasn’t? Right.  I actually liked her best when she wasn’t dealing with the men.

SoldierBeset by suitors she…

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