“Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva I do. I do feel lucky. I’ve got two new TV actor obsessions this summer. AND WE’RE CELEBRATING Elizabeth Sa Fleur’s new book release LUCKY. (See more below.) Todays post is about two weird punks, among other things. Thankfully people rarely toss around the term ‘punk’ anymore. Some older man or jock […]

via “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? — Lady Smut

RESTRAINT – Excellent Free Novella By Charlotte Stein

Liked 51 Shades of Blonde (Cosmo’s erotica short story)? You’ll like this story by Charlotte Stein even better.  Remember Charlotte Stein? I wrote a blog about her obsessing over Michael Fassbinder on Passionate Reads here .

So she has a new free novella out on Amazon.  Bad cover, GREAT story — the Amazon Link is here.  I won’t include a blurb, because I found it more fun to read that way — but there is a blurb on the Amazon link.


xo Madeline

Ps: here are some better covers of other work she’s written: