I Love a Cheap Adrenaline Rush

Hey readers!

Honey, I swear I'm working. Watching Gossip Girl is research.  Seriously.
Honey, I swear I’m working. Watching Gossip Girl is research. Seriously.

I love the cheap thrill of having a deadline, don’t you?  They don’t even have the world ‘deadline’ in German.  All they have is ‘due date’.  Boring.  Yawn.

‘Deadline’ is a much better word if only because it references death and desperation.  A finishing point of do or die.  A victory — or the agony of defeat and the sweaty tension of going into overtime.

Be glad you’re not married to a writer. I sat around a lot this week (mostly in my pj’s) looking like I was doing absolutely nothing three-fourths of the time, and then in between massive bouts of watching Gossip Girl re-runs making a tiny adjustment here or there to a scene. Finally on Friday I began working like a demon.

It’s like watching a billiards match where the players make tiny adjustments over the course of a few hours and just when you’ve settled into a nice deep coma, someone runs the table and the game is over. Drives my husband nuts.

Hope you all had a fabulous easter and are out at some point today getting your daffodil fix. I’m inside today from now until whenever racing to the finish line.

Fun, Sexy Fun — Nice to Meet Ya!

healingHello — are you perhaps a first-time visitor to my website? Welcome, you. 🙂

While I’m out this week feeling the rapture of #VALoveFest with a gorgeous pack of romance authors, I thought I’d put out some blog links below–it’s the website equivalent of leaving out snacks for guests.  So kick back and enjoy. If you love them, you might just *ahem* like to check out my latest novella SEXSOMNIA.  You know, just a suggestion. ; >


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They’re Hot, They’re Naked, They’re Two Different Colors


Alas, my sexual dysfunction is out-of-date.
Alas, my sexual dysfunction is out-of-date.

In which we attempt to entertain our dear readers on a drear day:

Hope you all has a wonderful Xmas.  I’m left feeling spoiled, yet broke.  Can any of you relate?

If you’re also at home trying to keep your credit card out of harm’s way, here’s a spot of cheap entertainment:


It’s over at Deanna Raybourn’s blog.  She’s such a doll–and if you haven’t checked out her Lady Julia Grey series you’re missing out!massage

Hot Reads Alert!

Today I’m over at Elizabeth SaFleur’s Friday “Hot Reads” blog.  Check it out HERE.  Talking about what’s coming next after the world of Sexsomnia.

Elizabeth is great–and hanging out on her blog was really fun. She’s got a book coming out in January called LOVELY.  5677456

If you go to the link up above, I recommend signing up for her newsletter–you get a free novella if you do. (What a great idea, right?) xo, M51on2pPzLZL._UY250_

Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun? Win FREE BOOKS!

DarkDesiresIt’s out!

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We’re giving away some awesome books to start the party early.  Click HERE to check that out.

And finally, some awesome writer pals are giving away copies of our anthology.  Want one? Sure you do! Go HERE and you might win. 🙂

You know you want this book just for the cover alone. ; >