Weekend Laziness…Not

What are you up to this weekend, dear readers?

I’m staring out the window at a giant ash tree. The doggies are lying on the couch taking their second mid-morning nap. There’s cinnamon chai in my tea pot, and…I’m getting to work. Sigh.bored now cup

Got a deadline. Agggggh.

What are you gonna do? It’s my own fault that I have to work this weekend, revising revising revising, but there it is. ¬†IMG_8674

Ohhhh, I’d love to have some good friends over this morning, would love to serve them my new brunch obsession: stuffed french toast. Would love to go see a matinee of MAGIC MIKE XXL afterwards, but (whimper,) I can’t.magic-mike-xxl-trailer

So go out there and have fun for me, folks. Go to the bookstore after the movie and buy that pretty new romance with the hot cover that makes your insides squeeze and a gourmet coffee for me. Hang out in bed sucking up hours on Pinterest this afternoon. Go check out the tomatoes in the garden, or lie under the trees in the hammock with your sweetie. Enjoy the day for me, please, while I sit here and pay for my sins, writing hot, hot romance. ūüôā

xoxo, M.

Sharing the Love

Hello Monday! ¬†I just wanted to celebrate with you, dear readers, how great things are in general¬†and¬†share the love. ¬†I’ve been offered a¬†contract for my fantasy romance WICKED APPRENTICE! We have a¬†Goodreads giveaway for our Lady Smut Anthology HERE. Plus, there’s talk of a sequel in the works for ‘Sexsomnia’. ¬†Woot!


I’ve also really been enjoying all my romance writing pals lately. ¬†I feel super blessed not only by their company and their advice, but one of the best¬†benefits of having¬†awesome romance writing buddies is that they¬†are full of excellent reading recommendations. ¬†So this week I wanted to pass them onto you.

Adriana Anders is a¬†huge fan of Anne Calhoun. ¬†I read Calhoun’s work LIBERATING LACEY yesterday and (fanning myself) I really liked it! It was fast, hot, and the hero was grrrrrreat! It was full of the best kind of sugar-kink. ¬†Yowza. ¬†If you are a fan–as I am–of classy erotic romance, then this book is for you.

Click to buy.
Click to buy.

Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning through sex in the missionary position. Now she’s looking for a hookup with a man who can make her shatter. What she gets is a hot younger cop with handcuffs…and he’s not afraid to use them.

Need I say more? ¬†Adriana also poked at me and everybody else she knows to pick up Cara McKenna‘s book AFTER HOURS because it was .99 cents. I’ve read Cara McK’s work before. ¬†She’s a great writer–intelligent and sexy-hot. ¬†She’s a bit more gritty than Anne Calhoun, and loves her bad boys, but keeps away from skeeze. ¬†I followed Adriana’s suggestion and got it pronto. Isn’t the cover yum?

Click to buy.
Click to buy.

Elizabeth SaFleur meanwhile, recommended Annika Martin whom she met at the Romantic Times conference.  Annika has this whole kinky bank robbers series.  I got the first one for free: THE HOSTAGE BARGAIN.

Click to Buy.
Click to Buy.

Liz Everly is into everything Susanna Kearsley. ¬†Hey, and you know what? So is Adriana Anders–both are completely obsessed with her, so even though it’s not exactly romance–it’s more women’s fic/lovestory I checked out THE¬†WINTERSEA. ¬†If you like your romance with a bit of the woo-woo factor, a takes-place-now-and-in-the-past-plot, and a lotta Scottish seaside scenery,¬†then you’ll be gaga for this book.

Click to buy.
Click to buy.

Meanwhile,¬†Sue London wanted me to check out Cara Vance, specifically THE NECROMANCER’S WIFE and so I am — and will report back soon. ¬†I have to say, looking at Cara’s books I love the REALLY great sounding plots–just my cup ‘o tea.

Click to buy.
Click to buy.

Lydia Strom has an incredible love life. There’s just one small problem: she died three years ago.

Somehow her husband has found a way to bring her soul back for short periods. Each time Lydia awakens, she’s in control of a different body.¬†

But not everything is as it seems. As Lydia explores her new existence, she begins to suspect that her husband has been keeping secrets about his past, their marriage, and her death. Now she must confront these mysteries head-on.

Finally Joanna Bourne¬†didn’t exactly recommend this book. ¬†It was more like she said “Oh my goodness, look at what Liz Carlyle has written here!” It’s really funny — because Liz Carlyle’s book cover looks so tame for a historical — no hot naked man-flesh on the cover, no naked backed woman falling backwards out of her open dress.

Not so tame after all. But I'll bet you're curious. You know what to do.
Not so tame afterall. But I’ll be your curious. You know what to do.

Yet¬†apparently it’s got some super-duper hot kink¬†in it. Who knew, right? She’s raking in the one star reviews from her usual readers who are all like “riding crops and anal!¬†WTH?!?”

But hey, maybe this is the start of a new direction for Liz. ¬†Can you tell exactly what kind of sex you’re getting with this blurb?

New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle creates her darkest, most sensuous story yet, as a delectable but desperate governess runs headlong into the path of a notorious rake.

Women rarely refuse the wicked Earl of Hepplewood, whose daring exploits are only whispered about. But when his new governess answers his proposition with a slap, then stalks out, references in hand, Hepplewood finds more than his face is burning.

Isabella Aldridge has brains, bravado, and beauty‚ÄĒbut the latter is no use to a servant. Her circumstances are desperate, and with Hepplewood’s words ringing in her ears, Isabella realizes she must barter her most marketable asset . . . her body.

But when fate sends Isabella back into Hepplewood’s arms, the earl must make an impossible choice‚ÄĒdraw Isabella down into his sensual darkness, or behave with honor for the first time in his life.

So my ducklings, that’s the Monday report. ¬†Back to revisions for me! Hope you all pick up some of these great reads and enjoy the rest of your lovely week. Let me know what you thought xoxoxo, Madeline

P.S. ¬†Fun fact: In 2012, my average blog reader read an average of 37 of my posts. Isn’t that crazy? Mmmmwah!¬†Love you guys!