Coming Books

The sequel to my fantasy series is coming out in Spring, 2019.


In a land of sorcerers and elf warriors, powerful women wield magic…while Elspeth wields dirty pots and pans in a castle kitchen.  After she’s mistakenly trapped in an evil spell book she’s rescued by a tall, intimidating sorcerer.  He says her friends sent him, but she still finds him terrifying. He fights for good, yet his eyes are always in shadow and his heart is locked away.  Perversely, the more terrified he is, the more she’s drawn to him. She has no idea what to do until the sorcerer is felled and put in chains by an evil enchantress.  Now it’s up to Elspeth the kitchen maid to save him–even if that means becoming a wicked enchantress herself.

Reader, if you want to read a rough–and I mean VERY ROUGH, unedited draft of Wicked Enchantress, episodes are currently available on Wattpad and updated weekly.