Coming Books

Book Two in the Wicked Magic Series is underway…

WICKED ENCHANTRESS (Wicked Magic Series, Book 2) 

In a land of sorcerers and elf warriors, there are powerful women who wield magic…but the only thing Elspeth wields are dirty pots in a castle kitchen–until she’s unceremoniously trapped in a spell book.

Rhine blasts enemies in raging battle and keeps a high wall around his heart.  After ripping Elspeth from eternal doom, he shields her during their travels from sinister elves.  A sorcerer like that would never fall for a timid kitchen maid so she denies the other feelings creeping into her heart until Rhine is ensnared in the toils of a wicked enchantress.

Reader, if you want to read a rough–and I mean VERY ROUGH, unedited draft of Wicked Enchantress, episodes are currently available on Wattpad and updated weekly.