“Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva I do. I do feel lucky. I’ve got two new TV actor obsessions this summer. AND WE’RE CELEBRATING Elizabeth Sa Fleur’s new book release LUCKY. (See more below.) Todays post is about two weird punks, among other things. Thankfully people rarely toss around the term ‘punk’ anymore. Some older man or jock […]

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Saranna DeWylde Likes Bang-a-ble Villains…Pt 1. (Pt. 2 is my take on this topic)

Hello Lovely Readers! Elizabeth Shore is away today. Instead, we have a happily edgy post from the amazing and kick-ass Saranna DeWylde here. I asked Saranna to do a guest post after I saw this exchange on facebook: Yes! Exactly! So I asked Saranna to talk to us about why we women are sometimes (often?) […]

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Heroines of Destiny!

by Madeline Iva Go to college, have a career, get married, have children. Is this the modern woman’s destiny? What if you don’t tick one of those boxes? I’m moderating a panel called HEROINES OF DESTINY on Saturday, 10AM at Virginia Festival of the Book, so I’ve been questioning the concept of destiny lately, especially […]


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Alternative Endings To The Bachelorette

by Madeline Iva I saw the very first season of the Bachlorette while packing for a Big Move to the South. I made it through a few seasons after that because I was fascinated by watching grown women aggressively fight for the attention of one man–while pretending not to. So deliciously perverse! Alexa Day posted about […]

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Heroines of Destiny!!!

I’m going to be at Festival of the Book in just a few weeks time.  I’ll be moderating a wonderful panel called ‘HEROINES OF DESTINY’.  The title alone inspires me in about a hundred different ways.

How do we regard destiny as romance readers?

How do we in America feel about forging your own destiny? How do other cultures look at destiny?

What do we enjoy as romance readers about a woman fighting her destiny?

And–especially for paranormal readers–what are the joys of accepting one’s special destiny when one is –fill in the blank here–

  • becoming a shape shifter
  • fated true love of an alpha hero
  • turned into a vampire

Ooooh, it’s gonna be so good! Can’t wait to talk to the other authors about these fun topics.  I’ll be joined by Pintip Dunn–NYT bestselling YA author, Margaret Locke–who writes time travel historicals (sorta), and Natalina Reis, who writes what I would call alternative culture fantasy. (I.e. not just Ye Olde English fantasy).

You’re going to come and see us, right? ; >  You won’t regret it if you do.  As usual, all SFF and Romance panels are free to the public.