Capture With a Kick: Guest Blog Post w/ Dariel Raye

If you find Dariel Raye’s blog today you’ll see that I am her guest blogger, talking all about my favorite form of capture romance and my latest work: Elf Wizard’s Captive.

There’s also an excerpt from my work — Check it out and leave a comment!

I’m so excited to be a guest blogger, because I haven’t published yet.  (It takes time, people.) About a year ago when I was sending out a big swath of queries I remember perseverating on the issue of a platform.  I didn’t have one–no blog, and I didn’t understand Twitter at ALL.  RT? # ??? FF, WW — these were obscure code words to me.

It seemed like a catch 22 situation — how could I have a platform if I wasn’t published yet?  But how could I get published if I didn’t have a platform?  You have no idea how much of a push I had to give myself to throw my hat into the ring and start engaging.  All I could think about was how much would people want to connect with me if I wasn’t published?

But this is the true joy of romance.  Everyone I’ve encountered is so friendly and interesting.  I realize now that making connections with other folks–whether other writers or readers–has been the most rewarding aspect of trying to become a romance author.

I blow kisses to you all! 🙂  I’m so glad that I’ve been able to meet and enjoy everyone on Facebook and Twitter and thank you each and every one of you that visits my little ‘ole blog.  xoxo