Menage by Emma Holly

I’m interviewing Charlotte Stein over on Lady Smut on Thursday.

I asked Ms. Stein about some of her favorite erotic romance reads and she mentioned MENAGE by Emma Holly.

I’ve been interested in Emma Holly for awhile, so I looked it up on Amazon.  Man, you get to read a LOT of it before it comes to the point where you are asked if you want to buy it.

Buy it, readers.  Buy it.  You won’t be sorry.

RESTRAINT – Excellent Free Novella By Charlotte Stein

Liked 51 Shades of Blonde (Cosmo’s erotica short story)? You’ll like this story by Charlotte Stein even better.  Remember Charlotte Stein? I wrote a blog about her obsessing over Michael Fassbinder on Passionate Reads here .

So she has a new free novella out on Amazon.  Bad cover, GREAT story — the Amazon Link is here.  I won’t include a blurb, because I found it more fun to read that way — but there is a blurb on the Amazon link.


xo Madeline

Ps: here are some better covers of other work she’s written: