You Know Where To Get the Good Stuff, Right?

ImageI have seen so much traffic on my blog from posting about Fifty Shades of Grey and Cosmo’s erotica short story.  It tells me that you wonderful women out there are searching for more erotic romance and erotica reads that will make you tingle and pulse with…imagination.

So, feeling like the older teenage sister whispering to the younger girls — here’s where you can find the good stuff: Ellora’s Cave  & Samhain.  These publishers have gobs of online erotic romance reads, in all kinds of categories.  Let’s zoom around their websites briefly, and see what we can find.

First Ellora’s Cave: you can find many classic erotic romance author’s through the E.C. author’s pages here.

Author’s like Lora LeighJoey Hill, Shiloh Walker, etc. Then there are new big authors such as Laurann Dohner.

(I have to confess, I stare at the covers of her books a lot.)


Ellora’s Cave is the Harlequin of Erotic Romance.  They have well established categories in the same way Harlequin does–only the categories are a bit…naughtier.  For instance, they have historical erotic romances, like those by Samantha Kane who writes for their Legend category. Legend is erotic romances that take place back in history.  Other categories include: Aeon (futuristic), Xanadu (fantasy), Moderne (contemporary),Taboo (BDSM).

They have categories that cover westerns, horror, gay/lesbian, interracial, and of COURSE Twilight which is paranormal vampires, etc.

There’s something for just about everyone at Ellora’s Cave–even their Blush Category for folks who perhaps just aren’t ready to wade into the more explicit sex just yet.

Samhain is much the same, only they can be a bit more lady like in terms of titles and covers.  With Ellora’s Cave (the BAD girls of romance) what you see is what you get.  Titles can be descriptive of the sex in them, which is helpful if you know what I mean. (And I think you do.)  Covers are hot, or cheesy, often both.  I revel in the kind of over-the-top smexy stuff because somehow it makes me feel very comfortable and safe and seems woman friendly.

I also find Samhain’s website is a little more tricky to navigate for me.  Here’s what I’d advice with searching around on Samhain’s website:  Go to their NEW RELEASES page and skim down the left hand side of the menu bar to the very bottom where it says BROWSE BY THEME.  Pay dirt!  You can skim through the various themes: Vampires, Voluptuous, Comedy (I write funny stuff, so I’m into reading this category) OR you can skip straight to Kink/BDSM and RED HOTS!!!  Samhain has great covers and even if it’s not always quite so clear what you’re getting, you can click on a link to get a blurb and an excerpt–same as Ellora’s Cave.


So get out there and explore! These publishers are the leaders in erotic romance but there are also other great titles published by Loose Id, as well as more primarily print publishers like Berkley Heat, Brava, Aphrodisia, and Spice. Look them up, try them out, pass them around, and create your own summer time sizzle!