Use a Vibrator & live longer (Yup, you heard me)

I am shocked — SHOCKED — that Organic GARDENING has an article reporting that people who use a vibrator can live longer.  Really??? Of course I read the article immediately. ;>

I’m just still having problems wrapping my brain around good old Organic-This-Is-My-Compost-Heap-Ain’t-It-Purdy-Gardening’s changing image.

Anyway! The article was written by Emily Main and it’s called: 9 WEIRD HEALTH HABITS YOU NEED TO ADOPT.   The #8 ‘weird’ health habit they recommend is having sex more often. (Okay, if I hafta, then I hafta.) and #9 —Here’s a quote from the online article:

Use a vibrator.

So you’re single and have to go solo? That’s healthy, too, according to research from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, because it apparently makes you more apt to adopt other healthy habits. A survey conducted by the center revealed that both single women and women who incorporated vibrator use into sex with a partner were more likely to visit the gynecologist than non-users. Men who reported using vibrators with a partner were also more likely to give themselves testicular self-exams. Need any more excuses to start using sex toys?

Maybe they should change their name from Organic Gardening to Dirty Gardening?

There’s a link to another Organic Gardening online article about how to have sex in a more earth-friendly way.  Which makes sense, I guess.  I mean, if you’re crunchy granola — what are you to do if you shun man-made threads but most lingerie (forget lingerie, let’s talk bras that can handle a D cup) are polyester and nylon?  And what if that vibrator is made with BPA plastic? Well, the article tells you how to find a green vibrator. (No, I’m not kidding.  And I’m not talking about the color either. ;>)