Madeline Iva writes about bold heroines and hot elves in her WICKED MAGIC fantasy series.

Book one: WICKED APPRENTICE.  Available on Amazon.

Book two: WICKED ENCHANTRESS. Episodes currently available on Wattpad.

Madeline was recently interviewed on the HAPPILY EVER AFTER BLOG at USA TODAY.

Praise for WICKED APPRENTICE on Goodreads:

An amazing read! Zephyr kicks ass! An Theo balances their dynamic out brilliantly! Highly recommend!

I found the book is quite funny in parts & I loved “watching” Zephyr & Theo working through their romance.

This is a great story. If you enjoy witches, magic, & other supernatural stuff, you will love this book. It’s very well written & even though this isn’t my usual genre I found myself completely caught up in this world.

I got this book for free and was asked to write an honest review on it. Honestly, I can’t see anyone being able to put it down after they start reading it! It is well written, well edited, and keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

When not penning stories about powerful women and brooding heroes, Madeline blogs about all her other romance obsessions at LADY SMUT.COM.



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