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How Romance Saved My Life — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva Last weekend was #Love Fest at Virginia Festival of the Book. All the panels were well attended, but the biggest event of the weekend was showing LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS–the latest documentary all about the romance world–followed by a discussion with Maya Rodale and Eloisa James and a book signing. I experienced rapture from meeting […]

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A Gi-normic Debate: Banning The Term ‘Plus-Size’ — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva Is this the ad controversy that launched a thousand rants? Lane Bryant had an ad pulled from a television network and the reasons were mysterious but finally, people pointed to the plus-size models and said they were the reason the ad was pulled. In an attempt to respond to this sinister attack and rally […]

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Kindle Worlds: Fan Fic Paradise? — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva What is Kindle Worlds? It’s a fan fic site – and we all know what fan fic is, right? Fan fic sites are usually amateur, and also gay (unless you’re on Wattpad) and also sorta illicit. However, as fan fiction has grown in power, prestige, and sheer audience numbers over the last decade, it’s […]

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Let’s Do Something Really STUPID! Do Vegas Weddings Ever Work Out? — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva You went to Vegas and got married while you were there! ???? your friends say. Here are the five top reasons people actually get married in Vegas: 1)We’re drunk! ‘Nuff said. 2) One person REALLY wants to get married and the other just doesn’t see that person as someone they want to commit […]

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The Lady Eve: Best Romantic Comedy Evah! — Lady Smut

by Madeline Iva Well chickens, while everyone is off at Romantic Times Convention, 2016 in Las Vegas this week, I’m sitting home, twiddling my thumbs and editing my latest book… I’m not upset that I’m not at RT. No, not at all. Today I realized that while every other dame who writes romance out there is leaving […]

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Menage, Menage, Menage — Lady Smut

By Madeline Iva This is my first report on our Lady Smut Read Hotter Challenge (2016) I read three Charlotte Stein ménage stories that I haven’t read before: Make Me, Power Play, and All Other Things. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? So far I’ve loved reading Stein’s books where the hero is based on Armie Hammer. The fun […]

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