Romanticon Report: Workshops & New Authors to Check Out

Well, I’ve had an awfully fun time at Romanticon and sorta hate to see it end today.  The workshops have been really interesting.  I learned about BDSM, publishing contracts, the erotic horror genre, & what men want from their erotic romances.

I’ve met some incredibly cool authors:  Sienna Mynx, Koko Brown, Christine D’Abo, Shoshanna Evers, KJ Reed, Sasha Devlin, Kaylie Hart,  and a lot of others as well — so many smart & interesting women.

My favorite reader who attended the conference was Patti — she was having so much fun and was fun to be around as well.

I’m excited to buy these author’s books and check them out —

more on that later….along with erotic romance blog reviews.

Check it out:  “Ginger Snap” A spanking short story by Shoshanna Evers in which (gasp!) our heroine submits to ginger figging.

Once I found out what that was I was stunned for an hour or so.  Meanwhile, Shoshanna was so friendly, so cool.  It was a pleasure to meet her.

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