My New Found Respect for Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum talks about his life as a former stripper here.  I wonder how many famous actresses in Hollywood can say the same? (Drew Barrymore was a stripper for a bit, I know that much.) Why doesn’t male stripping have the same consequences for men as it does for women?

You know, at first I didn’t think much of Mr. Tatum when he appeared upon the scene.  He looks like he could be the lovechild of Ryan O’Neal, and he has the world Tatum in his name –like Tatum O’Neal.  So my brain scrambled a bit over the puzzling fact that he was no relation.

Meanwhile, I assumed he was just a mimbo — a brainless pretty boy, but since he pulled off a great performance in the remake of 21 Jump Street, I’m slowly becoming a fan.

He comes across great in this People interview-about-an-interview.  I would still be skeptical and say well, maybe it’s just that his people are grooming him to not only look good, but sound good as well.  But I know his people aren’t out there acting in the movie for him, so I tip my hat.  Let’s hope that since he mentions being embarrassed about stripping down, that he gets to be more comfortable in the future by showing more of his sense of humor and less of his naked torso.

I’m gritting my teeth as I say that, because his torso is really one of the nicer ones out there, but I know if he was an actress I’d say EXACTLY that, so I stand by my statement.

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