Spanking the Princess, pt. 1

“Spanking the Princess” refers to female masturbation, according to Urban Dictionary.  I didn’t know that, did you?  Finally some sex slang I like! (No offense to princesses world wide, not to mention other galaxies far, far, away.)

Okay, so what are you going to read while spanking the princess this week?

Short answer: I recommend Cara Bristol’s contemporary spanking story, “Secret Desires”.  At .99 on Amazon — you can’t beat it.

Long answer: check out my Spanking the Princess, pt. 2 blog post about spanking stories at LADY SMUT.  This is where I’ll be posting about erotic romance from now on.   I’m going to continue this blog page, but in the future I’ll be exploring and discussing the world of paranormal & urban-fantasy romances.  Especially the super-steamy ones.

Btw, sorry my post is so late this week.  As you know my computer broke.   (Is my computer broke the blog equivalent of the dog ate my homework?) I did a lot of research in preparing for this post. I’m sure the computer guy got an eyeful when he finally had the computer working again.  Up popped my desktop, packed with spanking stories and erotic romance covers all across it.  No doubt he’s seen worse, but I still couldn’t make eye contact with him when I picked up my laptop from the store. ;>

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