She Falls For the Baddest Boy In Town…

I have a wide range in taste.

On one end of the spectrum of what I love, love, love in paranormal romance (as you must know by now if you’ve followed my blog,) is J.R. Ward.

On the other end is Mary Janice Davidson.

Strangely enough, both are not only considered paranormal romance, but also erotic romance.  One is kick-ass intense, the other kick-ass funny.  One makes your insides squeeze up together, the other is so light that the books float a little bit above my reading shelf.

I like them both, and now, I can add another author to my paranormal favorites list.   She happens to fall right in the middle: Darynda Jones.  She has a debut book called First Grave on the Right.  It comes with a kick-ass heroine, and ass-kicking action.  Some ‘tude and one liner funny biz follows, along with a dark smokey cloud that occasionally reveals the heroine’s scorching hot lover, who is btw, the baddest bad boy in town.

Meanwhile, I’m obsessing about the goth cover.  [I’m convinced that white is the new,  black in the Goth world, and this cover revels in that stylistic shift.]

This book is the first in a series, and follows the trend we’ve been seeing (thank you,  Deanna Raybourn) of having the romance not at all resolved at the end of the first book.

When even Library Journal–Library Journal, people–says “And let’s be honest–the sex is pretty hot too.” the sisters of paranormal romance have a contender on their hands.  Anyone know when her next book is out?

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